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We are Growing our Buy Now Offerings! Follow these Simple Steps to See More Fixed Price Sales

July 15, 2019

We are expanding our fixed price sales; get in on the growth! For a limited time, we are giving Buy Now products outside of Campaigns impressions for free! Follow these few easy steps to start growing your fixed price sales on Tophatter.

What’s the Best Way to Grow Buy Now Sales? 

  1. Upload all your products without a Campaign. Yes, we mean it, all your products! These are fixed price sales, so try everything! Head to your Campaigns tab, select “New Campaign” and choose the “No Campaign” option to upload all products via CSV.
  2. Find your “winning products” and move them to a Buy Now Campaign—products where the cost per order is efficient for you. In a Buy Now Campaign, you can invest in winning products to scale impressions faster.
  3. Optimize, optimize, optimize! Add new products as they enter your inventory and test different bids on your Buy Now Campaigns. Aggressively price listings to offer the best deals possible.

Auctions are still the fastest way to sell in volume, so ensure you continue to test products in Auction Campaigns that you want to move with less margin control.