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Use New Category Insights to Power Your Inventory

April 16, 2019

Today, we launched Category Insights in the Seller Tools. Category Insights provide an hourly look at product performance across Tophatter at a category and subcategory level. By comparing the last 7 days to 7-14 days ago, Category Insights shows recent demand trends to help with your inventory planning and selling performance.

How to explore Category Insights:

  • Category & Subcategory: Use these fields to explore what is performing well on Tophatter. Recent Examples shows several products scheduled for auction in these subcategories in the last seven days.
  • Sell Rate: This is a hugely valuable performance metric when deciding what products to test. A high Sell Rate indicates high demand.
  • Average Sales Price (ASP): Have inventory you are not currently selling on Tophatter? Use ASP to benchmark which products in your inventory are a good fit on the platform.
  • Avg. Schedule Fee: This metric helps visualize Shopper demand and Seller competition A lower average bid means it’s easier to enter into the market for this category.
  • Color Coding: Columns are color coded to denote the percentage of change over the last 7 days compared to 7-14 days ago.

Explore this page often, sorting columns to see what is in high demand at the moment. By empowering you with more data we want to continue to take the risk out of testing and finding new winners for the Tophatter Shopper. This tool will help you prioritize and pick categories to invest in product development. Leverage this data to earn competitive advantages and beat the market by adding these products faster!