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Tips & Tricks: Make Campaigns Do the Work For You

January 4, 2019

Who doesn’t want to make selling easier? We built the Campaigns tool to do the work of testing for you. To get started, we put together some tips and tricks to get the most of your Campaigns.

To start, ask yourself some basic questions

Campaigns should work for you, so begin by asking yourself some questions about your goals and selling style.

  • How often am I going to check the Campaign? If the answer is every few hours then set a Daily Budget you want to test with and monitor performance in real-time. If the answer is every few days, then “Set it and Forget it!” Set a Lifetime Budget, and come back after it’s been spent and see your performance results.
  • How many products do I want to group together? Campaigns are a great tool to organize and compare product performance across many items. This can be 5 products or 500, depending on your goals and what you want to learn about product performance.
  • How much do I want to spend? How many times do I want to schedule these products? Choose the metric that means the most to you, and control your Campaign by that variable.

Give your Campaign a North Star — a number that matters most to you when testing — and let it do the rest

Try one of these North Stars to help you get started:

  1. Set a Lifetime Budget and check back in once it is spent. Choose what you want to spend on the Campaign and let it do the rest.
  2. Decide how many products to test, and schedule them the desired amount of times. Test selling 10, 100, or however many products you choose, and input your desired maximum into the Lifetime Schedules Per Product.
  3. Spend a fixed amount daily and monitor your results. If you want to check in every day with your Campaign, set a Max Daily Budget — which can be changed at anytime — and monitor the performance in real-time.

By selecting ‘Advanced Features’ when creating a Campaign you can tailor your Campaign around what is most important to you.

Organization is Power

Campaigns make a great organizational tool, and can be used for more than experimentation. Some Merchants like organizing similar products in one place to compare performance against one another. Some other great groupings include:

  • Private Label products
  • Proven well performing products
  • Products at a similar price point
  • Totally new products to Tophatter or your inventory
  • Subcategories

Whether you use Campaigns to test new products or use them for long-term product management, the groupings can help you track performance and organize your inventory on Tophatter.