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Introducing Reminder Campaigns: Generate Demand & Gather More Data on New Products

May 15, 2019

Reminder Campaigns are a new tool built to help generate demand and collect data on Shopper behavior. Products in Reminder Campaigns do not go up for auction; instead they are displayed more like an ad within the feed. The product listing garners impressions data and the customer can set a Reminder, if they are interested in the product. A Reminder will send a push notification to the Shopper when the product goes up for auction.

Example of a Reminder Campaign the feed before and after a Shopper sets a Reminder

How does it work?

Reminder Campaigns can be found in the Campaigns tab of your Seller Dashboard. Upload new or existing products and set the Campaign parameters, including the bid. Reminder Campaign Bids are separate from Scheduling Fee Bids. Reminder Campaigns Bids are determined as how much you are willing to pay per thousand impressions (CPM).

An impression is generated each time your product is seen on a Shopper’s screen. 1000 impressions means your product was seen 1000 times. Reminder Campaigns also show the number of Views: the number of Shoppers who clicked to view the product details, and of course the number of Reminders set on that product.

Example of Reminder Campaign performance statistics

What’s the value of an impression and how do you assess winners?

On Tophatter, every auction garners impressions—that’s the beauty of a discovery marketplace—but not every auction ends in a successful sale. What is important is the ratio of impressions to demand, and ultimately a successful sale.

In a Reminder Campaign, the ratio of impressions to Reminders can be used as a signal of demand for the product. The higher that ratio, the more likely that product is to be successful at auction. The products with the most Reminders set should be graduated to an Auction Campaign for Testing to evaluate their success at auction. Products tested in a Reminder Campaign will also draw more people into the auction, as they will be sent push notifications when the product is up for sale.

This is a new feature that aims to provide more demand data before the product is scheduled for auction. We are committed to building features that derisk testing products new to Tophatter, and unlocking winners that can sell at volume.