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Introducing Buy Now Campaigns: Drive Exposure to Fixed Price Items & Gather Data on Demand

May 24, 2019

Our newest Campaign, Buy Now Campaigns brings a fixed price option to this tool suite. These Campaigns are a win win: drive more exposure, and potentially sales, to fixed price items, while also garnering more data on how these items convert Shoppers.

How to Use Buy Now Campaigns

Products in Buy Now Campaigns will run in a slot on the main feed. Similar to Reminder Campaigns, Buy Now Campaigns are charged as cost per 1000 impressions AKA a CPM model. An impression is generated each time your product is seen on a Shopper’s screen; 1000 impressions means your product was seen 1000 times. The Bid per 1000 Impressions field in the Campaign creator will populate with a default amount. A higher bid than the default will drive more impressions, faster for your Buy Now Campaign.

Within the Buy Now Campaign, you can play with the fixed price of your products to see what price point converts best. Products that perform well in a Buy Now Campaign can be graduated to a Campaign for Volume, selling in the auctions where you can scale volume.

This feature is new and along with our Sellers, Tophatter is still understanding how products will convert in different categories and at different ASPs. There are two, not mutually exclusive, ways to monitor your Buy Now Campaign for success, depending on your goals:

  • Increasing Buy Now sales on the selected products in the Campaign
  • Utilizing the demand data—looking at the ratio of Buy Now sales to impressions—for your sales strategy

Changes to the Seller Dashboard

With the rollout of Buy Now Campaigns, we are also updating a few fields within the Product Listings. We are replacing the required Target Price field with the Buy Now field. To make this process seamless, we will automatically populate the Buy Now field with the Target Price across all product listings. The Target Price field will still be available on all products, but is optional. Anything inputted in this field will have no impact on the fixed price of an item or be exposed to Shoppers.

For Sellers Integrated with our API, we will map the existing Target Price field to the new Buy Now field, so the rollover is seamless. Moving forward, API users should change the ends points to include a Buy Now price field. More information and documentation is available here.