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Introducing Bonus Credits

October 9, 2019

Peak season is kicking off and Tophatter wants to help you optimize your sales. That’s why we rolled out Bonus Credits. This feature allows you to incentivize shoppers, boosting your final auction sale price.

Bonus Credits allow sellers to offer a credit to the winner of the auction. Sellers can offer the winner up to 2% of the final auction price back in Tophatter credits. By incentivizing shoppers during the auction, you can drive higher sales prices and improve sell rate!

Auctions with Bonus Credits are brightly marked within the feed

Why should you use them?

Our data shows, shoppers bid more when incentivized by cash back. Auctions that offer credits have a 9% better sell rate than those that don’t. These auctions are brightly marked in the feed to drive additional competition to your products.

From your Campaigns page, select the Bonus Credits feature and test it out on some upcoming auctions. Bonus Credits are charged as fees and are visible on the Selling page of your dashboard to easily track performance.

Add Bonus Credits from your Campaigns Page

So, what are you waiting for? Test it today! Have questions? Head to our FAQ.