Tophatter Seller Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. To ensure that all of our sellers have a great selling experience, we have created a Seller Guarantee.

Tophatter Partner Seller Guarantee

Tophatter guarantees complete satisfaction for every seller.  If you are dissatisfied with your performance on the platform and wish to leave, we will issue a seller credit equal to the total Tophatter fees (commission and success fees) incurred in the last 7 days. Please note that scheduling fees are not credited. 

To request a credit and close your account, please contact our Support Team and in your request, please include:

  • “ATTN: Tophatter Seller Guarantee”
  • The reason for this request

There are conditions in order to be eligible for a refund:

  1. All sales made in the last 7 days must be honored and fulfilled; refunding a customer without their consent would result in the removal of the credit.
  2. The credit total will be calculated based on the fees accrued 7 days in arrears based on the date of the email requesting the Seller Guarantee.  (If the request was made on June 7th fees accrued between June 1st – June 7th would be credited). Requests must be made promptly, sales more than 7 days old cannot be credited.

We want to ensure that you are completely happy with your auction experiences on Tophatter.  If you are unhappy with your results with the platform we are glad to do what we can to part ways amicably.  Requesting a Seller Guarantee expresses to Tophatter that the merchant is no longer interested in participating on the platform as a seller. The credit will be applied to the account once it has been closed by Tophatter.

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