Does Tophatter offer shipping insurance?

Tophatter is pleased to offer our sellers the ability to purchase shipping insurance through our third-party label provider, EasyPost. Sellers will need to weigh the cost and benefit before purchasing insurance, as it may not be advisable on all orders. 

How to purchase insurance:

For orders where the final bid is less than $100 (excluding shipping), additional insurance should not be purchased. Instead, Priority labels should be purchased. USPS will automatically insure items with a value of up to $100 at no additional cost when shipped Priority. In the event that it is needed, sellers can file a claim with USPS for the value of the item. 

For orders where the final bid is over $100 (excluding shipping), sellers can purchase additional insurance when purchasing the label on Tophatter. The cost for insurance is generally 10% of the value and is provided by our third party label provider, EasyPost. In the event that a claim needs to be filed, please contact Tophatter Support to file a claim with EasyPost. Do NOT open a claim with USPS as this will void the claim with EasyPost. Tophatter is not responsible for voided claims where a claim has already been opened with USPS. 

If sellers choose not to purchase shipping labels through Tophatter, sellers can purchase additional insurance from the carrier directly at the same time a shipping label is purchased. In the event that a claim needs filed due to loss or damage, any claims would also be filed directly with the carrier if the label has been purchased outside of Tophatter.

How to file a claim: 

If additional insurance for orders above $100 (excluding shipping) was purchased from EasyPost through Tophatter, Sellers must contact Support and request a claim to be filed within 60 days of the label purchase date. Sellers should NOT open a claim with USPS. Claims will not be filed if it has been more than 60 days from when the label was purchased. It is a seller’s responsibility to request a claim.

Once a claim is filed with EasyPost, its review may take up to a month. If the claim is approved, Tophatter will reimburse the seller the refund deduction fee once Tophatter confirms receipt of the insurance reimbursement from EasyPost.

Please note: if a seller has purchased additional insurance from EasyPost through Tophatter, filing a claim with USPS will void any claims submitted to EasyPost. Do not submit a claim with USPS unless instructed to do so by Tophatter.