Do I have to pay fees to sell?

Yes, there are fees for selling on Tophatter.  

  • There is a commission on the final sale price plus the shipping price of each item. Commissions vary according to account performance and will be displayed on your Terms page
  • There is a scheduling fee, incurred every time an item is scheduled. This is called a Scheduling Fee Bid, and sellers can input how much they are willing to pay each time the product is scheduled. Note that this fee is owed even if the item goes unsold. For more information on Scheduling Fee Bids, please see Scheduling Fee Bidding.
  • There is a processing fee for processing each paid order.
  • By listing items, sellers agree to the Default Fees.
  • Fees are deducted prior to payouts.
  • Selling terms are subject to change at any time. We will honor the selling terms in place at the time the item was scheduled.
  • If a refund is issued, review Can seller fees be refunded?

Other deductions

Along with the scheduling fees, commission, and processing fees, other deductions may include the following:

  • Chargeback Fee: If a chargeback is initiated by a buyer and it is not covered by Seller Protection, this fee will be assessed.
  • Refund Deduction: When a refund is issued, Tophatter pays the refunded amount to the buyer and a Refund Deduction will be invoiced to the seller for the net amount.
  • Shipping Label: Sellers who purchase shipping labels from Tophatter will see this charge for the Shipping Label they have purchased.
  • Shipping Label Confirmation: Sellers may purchase optional signature confirmation.
  • Shipping Label Insurance: Sellers may purchase optional insurance for a minimum $1.00 additional charge.
  • Disbursement Correction Fee: Infrequently Tophatter may need to recoup funds that were disbursed in error. This is done by adding a Disbursement Correction Fee to a seller’s account.
  • Postage Correction Fee: Occasionally Tophatter may need to recoup funds for postage weights that were under reported.
  • Incident Fee: Fees for incidents which result in a poor customer experience.
    • Returns– The commission and processing fees for refunds with a seller-fault return request.
    • INRs– The commission and processing fees for refunded orders with an Item Not Received dispute.
    • Buyer Support– Customer contact costs and any buyer credits applied for seller-fault issues elevated to Buyer Support. This is a one time fee of $2, never applied more than once per order. Buyer credit costs are only invoiced when the Buyer uses the credit. Amounts vary, but are usually $5 or less, and expire in two weeks.
    • Reported Products– A $2 fee is charged once per product each time it is placed on hold. Products can be placed on hold when Tophatter determines more information is needed in order to sell the product. Usually products are placed on hold because the description needs to be corrected due to being misleading or unclear.
    • Seller-Initiated Refunds– Refunds issued by the seller with no refund request from the buyer. This fee is also applied for invoices Tophatter instructs the seller to refund for violating Tophatter selling policies.

Please note that Scheduling fees are not reimbursed when an item is refunded.

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