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Faster Feedback Loops + Easier Testing = Better Tophatter for You

January 3, 2019

Testing products is key to see what sells best in the auctions. Today, we launched the new Campaigns feature is to make testing easier and faster for you.

Campaigns allow you to test new products in a highly controlled environment. Group products with a desired scheduling quantity, daily budget, and lifetime (multi-day) budget and track the real-time performance of the grouping and products. Use Campaigns to test new products in bulk with low risk.

So how does it work?

We recommend testing groups of products. This can be a batch of new products you want to try on Tophatter or a group of products in a particular category. To get started:

  1. Create a Campaign with your hottest selling products from other marketplaces to rapidly assess how they perform on Tophatter
  2. Graduate top products to another Campaign to monitor the performance of your winners
  3. Create a second test Campaign with more new products, and continue to graduate winners
  4. Iterate to unlock top performers quickly

How to use Campaigns

  • On the Products page, click Upload CSV and then Add New Products. You can either add products to an Existing campaign or Create a New Campaign.
  • Upload the CSV of products and set a daily and lifetime budget, and the lifetime schedules per product. These will work independently of your Max Daily Budget and Max Daily Schedules for your account, so you can control how much you would like to spend on the individual campaign.

Managing a Campaign

While a Campaign is live you can you can edit the parameters, such as daily budget, lifetime budget, and lifetime schedules per product, and add new products by uploading a CSV. Currently, we set set the Scheduling Fee Bid in a Campaign to ensure you see steady schedules based on the current competitive bid range.

What are you waiting for? Try it out & start a Campaign now! We highly recommend creating multiple Campaigns so you can be testing many products simultaneously.

We hope this tool makes it easier for you to test items in bulk, organize, and identify winning products and to continue to expand your sales faster. Try Campaigns today!