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Answering your frequently asked questions on Campaigns

May 28, 2019

This FAQ will help you learn more about our Campaigns tool and how to best use it. As the tool continues to evolve, so will this FAQ. So check back to continue learning.

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are the new way of selling on Tophatter. In the past we had an opaque system that was confusing. With Campaigns, Sellers have more levers to use to garner demand data, organize products, and track performance. With this new system, Seller can be more agile, and do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is an organizational tool to sell products or gather data on what Shoppers are interested in. There are several types that can all be found in the Campaigns tab of the Seller Dashboard.

How do I know what Campaign type to select?

Campaigns allow you to be more in control of how you sell. There are a number of Campaign types that can be used depending on our your goal:

  • Auction Campaigns drive auction sales. There are two types of Auction Campaigns: for volume and for testing.
  • Reminder Campaigns drive insights for auction performance. Shoppers set reminders when they want to be alerted about a product going to auction.
  • Buy Now Campaigns drive fixed price sales.

Can I have the same products in multiple Campaigns?

Currently a product can only exist in one Campaign at a time. If a product that is already in a Campaign is added to another one, the product will be automatically removed from the old Campaign.

Do I need to use Campaigns?

Yes, Tophatter is migrating all sales to Campaigns in the next few months. The exact timeline is still not set, but we expect in the next quarter to move to a Campaigns-only sales system. We will work with you, our Sellers, to ensure this process is a smooth as possible.

Why are you changing to Campaigns-only sales?

Campaigns are a much more scalable way for Sellers to manage their sales and garner insights.

How do I organize my products within Campaigns?

Sellers can organize Campaigns in a variety of ways. We hope to provide more options and structure to this in the future. For now, Sellers have found it useful to organize by:

  • Category: Within a category they may have several Campaigns running at once, such as succesful products in Auction for Volume Campaign, new products in a Reminder Campaign, etc.
  • Risk: The budget they are willing to spend to test a new group of products in the various auction types