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Announcing the first-ever Tophatter Day!

June 4, 2019

We are launching a week-long sales event to encourage more volume and higher ASPs through increased competition. From June 8-14, Shoppers will be incentivized to buy more products during “Rewards Week,” as all purchases made during this week will unlock discounts that can be used on June 15, Tophatter Day. The more Shoppers buy, the more discounts they earn. 

What does this mean for Sellers? 

Tophatter will be giving the discounts. Your margins and final sales prices will not be affected. We are focused on driving more volume & higher ASPs for you, our Sellers. 

How do you prepare? 

  • Now until June 8: Test new products in Reminder Campaigns to assess their conversion and generate demand. This will help you find new “winning” products on Tophatter. And Shoppers who set Reminders from these Campaigns will receive an alert when they go up for auction. 
  • June 8-14: Move products that converted well in your Reminder Campaigns to Auction Campaigns for Volume. Ensure you set aggressive Scheduling Fee Bids, so you benefit from the increase in purchases across the platform.
  • June 15-16: Tophatter Day will last for a full day in all time zones, to include our global Shopper-base, so ensure your Scheduling Fee Bids and Campaigns budgets are high during these two days. 

Use our data to help find winning products

Have you checked out the Category Insights tool on your Seller Dashboard? This page updates hourly with performance of categories and subcategories across Tophatter. See what categories are seeing rising ASPs and Sell Rates and try new inventory, accordingly.